So Far, So Long


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Stephen Salewon from Nigeria, Jason Welch from America, Julien Boussontié from Cote d’Ivoire.
These varying backgrounds intertwine and represent a unique perspective with the intent to be experimental yet nostalgic.


released May 26, 2017

Vox, Guitar - Stephen Salewon
Bass - Jason Welch
Drums - Julien Boussontié


all rights reserved



STEPHEN SALEWON Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Stephen Salewon is a multi instrumentalist and singer/songwriter from Oklahoma with a story to tell about the matters of the heart, these tales are woven into soothing melodies influenced by modern pop, folk, and African rhythms.

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Track Name: Don't Let Go
I know a lady
With a heart of gold
As of lately
If you offered her a smile she’d fold
Do you remember?
You used to glow like a dream
It’s December
Now you wonder
Where the hell you’ve been

But don’t let go
The more you try you’ll know
Hold on tight

I know a brother
He is seventeen
He’ll discover
The world is nothing but a crazy scene
While you’re younger
Make your own mistakes
They’ll discover
If you really have what it takes

They’ll try to bring you down
Track Name: Holding Me Down
I’m living in a place where love and hate
Knows my name and puts my faith through haste
I’m running, I’m steady
I see it, I feel it
Though I am a diamond in the rough
Yet I sweep myself under the rug
I’m ready, I’m heavy
I see it, I feel it

Faded space, vague memories
What I would give for sanity
I’m inside, I want out
They are lingering around
I’m inside, I want out
They are holding me down

I crave a little Midas touch
Yet my heart says it is too much
I’m running, I’m steady
I see it, I feel it
Though I hold my body in decline
While I try to cross the finish line
I’m ready, I’m heavy
I see it, I feel it

I’m breaking down like the wall of Jericho
Rubbles filled with dust of vertigo
No more searching for light in the dark
I am spent yet I’ll stand to make my mark
Track Name: So Far, So Long
Maybe a drive to Mexico will clear my head
My heart is drowning
Maybe I ought to let it go
These heavy things
While I’m clinging
Like what is missing, time is ticking

So far, I don’t know where I’m going
But I’ll be praying for me
So long, it's been a stoic story
But I’ll be making a plea

Maybe I ought to roll the dice
Never think twice and realize
The road is tough, the waves are rough
Yet it’s not enough
To keep me
From sailing and moving
So far, I don’t know where I’m going
But I’ll be praying for me
So long, it's been a stoic story
But I’ll be making a plea

For a third eye
Cause I am all I’ve got
I am all I’ve got
Track Name: With You
It’s so easy to say
Things you don’t mean anyway
It’s so easy to do
Things you wish would fade away
Take a breath, take it slow
Don’t you know
Your thought is your home
Your heart is your throne
Measure what you’re worth and make it known

Nothing will break you down
Stomping on solid ground with you
Is what I’m gonna do

Well you might wonder what it’s worth
To strip off your disguise
You might feel the scars and bruises
Locked inside must be wise
It is safe behind your windowpane
But there’s an hourglass
Hanging on your door
Take a leap of faith
It’s not tool late


You’ve gotta
Keep it strong
You’ve gotta
Never let go
Best of all
You’re not alone
Cause I’m with you
And it’s what I choose to do
Track Name: Falling
Save the day for me my dear
Wouldn’t it be lovely just to hold you near?
You know this, you know
I’m falling in love, falling in love
Sway your fingers on my lips
Ask anything
My heart is yours and for keeps
Could it be, could we be
Falling in love, falling in love?

Things I feel, you cannot see
I hold within my everlasting
Burning desire and awe for you
You are my perfection
And you fade my blues

Silver and gold cannot give
Us what we need
When we’re way too old to live
You’ll know this, you’ll know
I’m falling in love, falling in love
Crisscross my hand so they’ll see
We’re together,
Through thick and thin, wild and free
I know that you know
We’re falling in love
Track Name: I am Sorry
One thing that I don’t get
Is how I chose you second best
Don’t sail this ship alone
Turn the wheel
I’ll hold still
The warmth of silence around your heart
Like the way we felt right from the start
Did you hear me say?

I am sorry
I am through
Don’t leave in a hurry
I’m still here

Pictures of us would tell
Of how we loved so well
Sometimes it fades away
But I’m headstrong
Yet it feels so wrong
I miss when the space between us
Were only our dreams
Tell me how have you been
I still see your face

My reflection behind the shattered glass
Is protection from a lingering past
But it will fade